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Multi I/O ISA card

Multi I/O ISA cards. Parallel interface (LPT), serial interface (COM), floppy drive controller (FDC).

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Files for download

ide-plus_v5l.html 29.2kB (2006-05-28 04:23)
Description of IDE-PLUS V5L card.
prime_2c_mkiii.html 17.6kB (2006-05-28 04:03)
Description of Prime 2C MK III card.

See also

ISA slots for ZX Spectrum (I/O mapped). LPT, 2×RS232, Floppy Disk Controller and sound card.
ISA cards can be connected to CPC with CPCISA board or CPCISA bridge to PC/AT motherboard. Support for IDE, serial mouse and Sound Blaster.



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