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Timex FDD emulation - YTF

Please try the emulation under Warajevo 2.51. You must have a PC with MS-DOS (Windows 9x, other are not recommended), TIC cable and computer like ZX Spectrum.

Currently supported

  • One floppy diskimage "DISK0.DSK" (MV-CPC format).
  • One IDE harddisk image "ZXVGS.HDF" (Ramsoft format).
  • 6 bits full duplex parallel connection with terminal computer (on LPT1).
  • FDC low level commands except disk formatting.
  • 192kB of memory.
  • TOS A.2 - automaticly patched to TOS Q.2 (doesn't need FDC interrupts).
  • Timex CP/M - automaticly patched, so doesn't need FDC interrupts.
  • CPM22QED TMX works with no changes.
  • CPM22QED YTF uses the upgraded memory and IDE harddisk.

How it works?

The Warajevo 2.51 emulator is used in Timex Sinclair 2068 mode. The HOME bank is used as Timex FDD memory. DOCK and EXROM banks are reserved for memory storage. The periodical interrupts are not used, as are useless. The screen shows garbage and keyboard is not used at all. The emulator must run with /%%800 parameter (at least for P233MHz), to give speed suitable to operate the cable communication.

The ZXnnnYTF.COM is an overlay for Warajevo that provides extra functionality. It simulates memory switching by exchanging the HOME sections (16kB each) with DOCK and EXROM storages. Also, simulates floppy and hard disk interfaces and cable ports. Due to software limitations, interrupts generated by floppy contraller are simulated, so some original software must be patched. Serial interfaces are not simulated at all (release 0.34).

The YTF.DCK is the memory model and boot ROM contents. The boot ROM has patches that modify TOS A.2 and Timex CP/M to make them working without floppy interrupts. The patched code can also work well on original hardware. If there's no floppy disk diskimage (or existing doesn't contain boot code), the harddisk diskimage is used for booting system.

File DISK0.DSK is diskimage in MV-CPC format, recognized as A: floppy. Informatons about phisicial structure of floppy disk is also contained in the diskimage, so no extra parameters are required. In next releases files DISK1.DSK, DISK2.DSK and DISK3.DSK will be used as drives B:, C: and D:, respectively.

File ZXVGS.HDF is used as harddisk diskimage in Ram-soft HDF format. Also contains informations about phisicial structure. To be properly booted, the boot files should be written as IDEDOS boot partitions.

Extra tools

Both floppy and harddisk diskimages can be created and unpacked after use with QTRANS.EXE.

Floppy disk can be scanned into diskimages with CPDREAD.EXE and CPCTRANS.EXE. Images can be written back to real disks with CPDWRITE.EXE and CPCTRANS.EXE.

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Files for download

ya034tf.zip 5.9kB (2004-10-25 23:49)
Emulates Timex FDD with YABUS.TF on Warajevo 2.51.

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