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Emulator Elwro 800 Junior

Welcome screen of VJUNIOR - Elwro 800 Junior emulator for MS-DOS

VJUNIOR by Vulcan

The most known Elwro 800 Junior emulator for PC was written by Vulcan, that producted educational software for Junior. Until 2006 year there were only rumours about it.

The emulator written by Vulcan is started from VJUNIOR.COM file and can be configured to CGA, EGA and Helcules cards. With MS Windows works only the EGA version.
Elwro 800 Junior emulator for MS Windows

This emulator is still not finished - disk operations are not supported.
Elwro 800 Junior emulator for Linux

A new Elwro 800 Junior emulator is being written for Linux in C. See the forum topic (Polish only).

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Files for download

elwro-v02.tar.gz 138.7kB (2006-10-29 17:50), uploaded by Jarek Adamski
Recent emulator version.
elwro-040306.tar.gz 90.4kB (2006-03-04 02:55), uploaded by krzkomar
Nowsza wersja emulatora - bardzo wiele zmian
elwro-180206.tar.gz 108.9kB (2006-02-18 21:03), uploaded by krzkomar
Started disk support, many bugs removed, included also a try of BIOS BOOT deassemblation.
vjunior.zip 376.0kB (2006-02-06 21:22)
Emulator VJUNIOR by Vulcan, configured for EGA. Included system disk with the basic software. (The original installator is not included, because damages files.)
elwro-280106.tar.gz 65.2kB (2006-01-28 02:30), uploaded by krzkomar
The work version of emulator, needs libspectrum for compilation. Sources in C.
elwro_060126.tar.gz 67.7kB (2006-01-25 05:28)
The work version of emulator. Sources in C.

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[pl] Discussion about Elwro 800 Junior emulator written in C.

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Elwro 800 Junior
Elwro 800 Junior - ZX Spectrum clone produced in Poland. Also works under CP/M 2.2 (CP/J) with access to disk drive via a network.



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Elwro 800 Jr
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