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The QTRANS manages Disk Objects on PC (MS-DOS).

  • Work with raw, .DSK (MV-CPC), .SAD (SimCoupe), and .HDF (Ramsoft HDD) diskimages.
  • Unpacks files from CP/M and TOS A.2 disks.
  • Can add one or more files to diskimage.
  • Can make bootable .SAD (with CPM22SAM.SYS system file).
  • Can create .HDF harddisk image with IDEDOS partition system.
  • Can copy system files into IDEDOS boot partitions.

    Old versions (before 2004) were only able to create floppy diskimages and didn't use Disk Objects.

    Below, in "qtrans???.zip" files you have work compilations. Download the most recent and try. In case it fails - take some older, perhaps will work better. No warranty, this is still alpha test version. If you know Turbo Pascal and can improve the QTRANS, please ask me for sources.

    QTRANS examples

    • Create IDEDOS (IDEDOS/) sub-partition named ZXVGS (ZXVGS/), with CP/M filesystem (CPM22/), size 32MB (=M32/), with allocation unit of 8kB and directory that takes 4 allocation units (B8D4/), using BIOS procedures on harddisk number 1 (CHS81:) - by copying the file SHELL.V00:


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    Files for download

    qtrans6am.zip 55.2kB (2006-10-22 13:30)
    Corrected TOS support (default extentions, filesize).
    qtrans67b.zip 55.1kB (2006-10-22 13:33)
    Corrected "LBA2:". Produces a lot of messages.
    qtrans661.zip 54.7kB (2006-10-22 13:33)
    (old) Added "LBA2:" - INT 13h call with disk number 81h - only disks below 504MB! CP/M disks show user areas as subdirectories. Error in "LBA2:" writing!
    qtrans63i.zip 53.5kB (2006-10-22 13:33)
    (old) Corrected action for paths like "DISK:FILE".
    qtrans63h.zip 53.6kB (2006-10-22 13:32)
    (old) Fixed geometry of #05 type partitions (now cylinders are rounded up).
    qtrans636.zip 53.2kB (2006-10-22 13:32)
    (old) Fixed writting "CPM 22/" files and "IDE2:" sector size.
    hdfutils.zip 8.9kB (2006-10-22 13:32)
    Tools for HDF harddiskimage format (HDFGRAB.EXE, HDFDUMP.EXE) by Garry Lancaster. Can grab disk into "*.HDF" file and write diskimage back.
    qtran52b.zip 53.0kB (2005-02-12 01:25)
    (old) Added creation of TOS diskimages. Corrected TOS A.4 sizes.
    qtran522.zip 40.4kB (2005-02-02 16:40)
    (old) Added "JUNIOR/" format.
    qtran4b1.zip 40.3kB (2004-11-01 16:24)
    (old) Corrected IDEDOS image partition (type #05) default geometry.
    qtran45n.zip 49.0kB (2004-05-24 01:20), uploaded by Yarek
    (old) Fixed updating file length on "CPM22/".
    qtran45m.zip 49.0kB (2004-05-23 00:57), uploaded by Yarek
    (old) Corrected interleave error in "CPM22/" when XDPB is provided by parent DObject.
    qtran45c.zip 48.9kB (2004-05-13 02:46)
    (old) Support for Secondary Master "IDE2:".
    qtran39b.zip 21.3kB (2003-09-11 12:44)
    (old) Former 0.32 version of QTRANS that creates diskimages without Disk Objects.
    cpctools.zip 50.0kB (2002-10-08 16:24)
    Tools for MV-CPC diskimage format (CPCTRANS.EXE, CPDREAD.EXE, CPDWRITE.EXE). Can grab disk into "*.DSK" file and write diskimage back.

    Links to other pages

    Link to forum where Disk Objects (Virtual Disks) are explained.

    See also

    IDEDOS partitions on HDD
    Flexible and powerful hard disk partitioning system. Partitions for CP/M, floppy diskimages, boot files, movies.
    Timex FDD emulation - YTF
    Timex FDD emulation based on Warajevo 2.51, includes YABUS.TF upgrade and IDE interfaces. Requires PC @ 100MHz.

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