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DSKHNDLR disk drivers

The DISKHNDLR is a block device driver for Z80 CPU. There are drivers for:

  • floppy disk controllers (#60 - 765A, #70 - WD177X, WD197X):
    • YAMOD.FDC765A (also Multi I/O ISA card in YABUS ports);
    • Beta 128 interface for ZX Spectrum (also build-in in Pentagon);
    • MB-02 interface for ZX Spectrum (doesn't use DMA),
    • ZX Spectrum +3 build-in controller,
    • Plus D interface for ZX Spectrum,
    • Sam Coupe,
    • Spectravideo 738 X'PRESS (MSX),
    • Timex FDD 3000,
  • harddisk controllers (#A0 - master, #B0 - slave):
    • YAMOD.ATBUS IDE module for YABUS,
    • ZXATASP interface for ZX Spectrum,
    • ZXIDE128 interface for ZX Spectrum (Pera Putnik),
    • ATOM interface for Sam Coupé,
    • IDE8255 interface (8255 that reads IDE in MODE 1),
    • SMUC controller for ZS Scorpion,
  • ramdisk (#00):
    • not included here as are very machine and software configuration dependent.

Versions #A003

In this version of IDE drivers are available three new functions: fast sector reading (#07), factory data reading (#08) and setting geometry (#09). These functions will changed in version #A004 to more flexible control.

ATAPI commands

In next DSKHNDLR versions (#A004+) ATAPI (for CD-ROM) commands will be supported. For this purpose, all IDE drivers are renamed to start from "IDE" ("IDEATBUS", "IDEATOM", "IDEZX128"). Non-IDE harddisk drivers (e.g. ST412/506, XT-BUS, SCSI, CompactFlash in memory mode) and IDE in 8bit mode (simpe IDE), are not allowed to use "IDE" signature.

Versions #A004

New functions are planned for IDE drivers:

  • read IDE registers to ABCEDEHL,
  • write IDE registers from BCDEHL (except command and data),
  • read data buffer,
  • write data buffer,
  • execute command,
  • creation of code for fast sector reading.

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Files for download

dh3.zip 10.4kB (2005-09-14 01:48)
Version #03 (not all yet available) with new HDD functions: fast sector reading, parameters reading, geometry setting .
dskhndlr.zip 37.9kB (2004-04-22 13:08)
Version #02 set of DSKHNDLR disk drivers. Included programming guide.

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