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Benchmark Tell me more about FutureOS benchmark results. (hard disk store, CRT output speed ets..) TFM: Please see certain documents in the file-sections. Detailes tests were made. SID: For the speed it's better to do the tests your self. You 'll see how amazing it is ;-)
Buy? How do I get FutureOS? TFM: Just download it here in the file-section. Or buy the commercial version for 15 Euros. Else you can download the public domain version and get an user-code-number.
Buy? Do I buy FutureOS as ROMs or Software? TFM: You buy the Software. But you can sell EPROMs too, if you don't want burn them.
Buy? What about the price of FutureOS? TFM: It's for free. But you can get the commercial version for 15 Euros. It has an number, which identifies you to certain terminal software, games and more. Further you get your personalized version.
CPC Booster+ What's about FutureOS and the CPC Booster? TFM: Antitecs CPC Booster+ is supported by FutureOS. You can store (and reload) your configuration, colors, step-rates automatically in the EEPROM of the Booster. A bunch of programs is planned for the Booster+. For example a high-speed serial terminal emulation. You'll need a fast modem ;-)
Compatibility The AMSDOS programms have to be adapted to run in FutureOS? What does this mean ? What about CPM programs ? TFM: In principle it is possible to adapt programs, but it would be more efficient to write applications new. This way, they can use the special features of the new OS. PDT: Well, I think it's very hard to adapt an amsdos/cpm program to an OS like FutureOS or even SymbOS. The environment is too different and normally you have new possibilities, that it makes more sense, to rewrite the whole application.
Desktop Is it possible to change the icons of the desktop? Omega Man: Yes, just paint a mode 2 icon with 6 chars horizontal and 3 lines vertical (48*24 pixel). Then implement it in ROM D or just send it to TFM to install it.
Desktop What is the Turbo Desktop ? TFM: When you start FutureOS with |OS, then you come automatically to the Turbo Desktop. Every program can call the Desktop as a Subroutine. Then the user just press the OK-icon and the program will be continued.
Emulators Which Emulators can run FutureOS? TFM: FutureOS runs with Caprice, WinApe 2.0 Alpha 4 (NOT with 5) and CPCEmu (not good, Picutes are squeezed).
Expansions Does FutureOS support the Amstrad Hardware? (Expansions, disc drives, joysticks, mices, RS232, etc )? TFM: Yes, it supports as much as possible. Regualar updates try to support all new expansions in future. SID: As I said higher, FutureOS is usual updated. New drivers are installed. If you see the description, you will see that FutureOS manages a lot of expansions. The great strength of FutureOS, is that it recognizes all expansions without the user see anything.
Files Can I deal or create files larger than the Z80-64k block using FutureOS? TFM: Yes, you can work with files up to 16 MB (24 Bit File-Lenght). And you can directly start programs up to 512 KB. PDT: Yes, Future OS can load and handle files with more than 64K! So you can load a 512K file completely in one piece into your Ram expansion.
Hard-Disc Does FutureOS support other hard disks instead of Dobbertin Hard Disk? TFM: No, at the moment only the HD20 hard-disc is supported. Because it is the most selled hard-disc for the CPC. Soon, normal IDE-drives (with FAT32 file-system) will be supported. The CPC-IDE interface is running well, only the software need a little bit more time.
Hard-Disc Where can I buy A Dobbertin HD20 Hard disk? TFM: Well, see Ebay, or try to get one from Dobbertin himself. Try to contact him throug the net.
Hard-Disc Can one regenerate/reconstruct Dobbertin HD20? TFM: Like I know there was a "construct it yourself" kit available from Dobbertin. May ask Jarek!
Hard-disc Does FutureOS support hard-discs? TFM: Yes, first the Dobbertin HD20 is supported. Icons I, J, K, L access a 5 MB partition each. Second via the CPC-IDE/Symbiface a normal PC hard-disc with FAT32-filesystem can be used under FutureOS. But FAT drivers are still under construction.
OS Which are the benefits of FutureOS? TFM: Some benefits are: completely new developped OS, maximum performance was the mail target of the project, support of all expansion hardware, deal with very long files, programs can contain 512 KB, GUI can be called as a subroutine. SID: Ok, FutureOS is completely newly designed, it means this OS exploits all the capacities of your cpc. When you 'll install it on your cpc, you will see all the benefits. It means: really more rapid than any other OS under CPC, almost intuitive OS when you read the DOC, usual updated, really open.
OS Why should I shift to this new OS? TFM: Well, it's free ;-) You can run programs or write applications which are unthinkable under AmsDOS or CP/M.
OS Which is the suggested Hardware configuration to install FutureOS? TFM: At least you need 64 KB space in an Eprom-card or ROM-RAM-Box. Further every KB of expansion-RAM is welcome. The more, the better. SID: You just need a ramcard or a romcard to install the 4 FutureOS roms.
OS I also want to run the original AMSDOS/CPM oriented codes on my old amstrad. Should I buy a new one to install FutureOS? TFM: No problem. Just switch between the OS like you want. Simply use the RSX command |OS to call FutureOS. SID: What does it mean buy? Because everything concerning FutureOS is free. And all the codes are open sources. If you have the source of such codes, it's easy to adapt them to FutureOS.
OS Where can I get the PD version of FutureOS ? TFM: See file-section of this group.
OS versions In which languages does FutureOS exist? TFM: At the moment in german and english. A french version will be released soon. Maybe other languages if there's enough interrest.
OS versions What is the advantage of the personal FutureOS ID? The ID identifys you automatically, this is important for messengers or personalized programs. Example: your mail can be sent through a disc-mag (look FutureView II).
Overscan What about overscans !? TFM: Some print-routines and the OS itself support overscan for applications, but not for the Desktop. SID: For Overscan, it will be possible to do overscans as under Amsdos.
PD Is there a Disc Mag for FutureOS? TFM: Yes! It's FutureView. The first issue was released at the Klassentreffen 2002 meeting. It's written in english and german. But french, spain and greek will follow.
Pheripherials Which keyboards, mouses (...) does FutureOS support? TFM: FutureOS automatically dedects all plugged control panels. You can use both joysticks, keyboard, AtariST mouse or trackball and a lightpen.
Screen What about screen resolution and colors supported by FutureOS? TFM: Use all modes, but print chars only in Mode 1 and 2. SID: FutureOS supports the 3 originals mode plus one more.
Software Tell me more about the current FutureOS oriented software. Future releases or updates? SID: Some softwares will see the sun ;-). But It needs time, so be patient, you will see (I hope this year) some new softwares for FutureOS ;-)
Why Yahoo? Could you move the FAQ outside Yahoo Groups? TFM: Sorry, I have no time to do that at the moment. But I've planned to move all stuff to soon.
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