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I still work on this service. It is a lot of work unlike it seems. Till now I've collected over 150MB of hardware documentation and I still own some CDs with interesting contents. I would like it to be presented in clear way.

The service is in English now. Support for Polish and German language version is almost ready, but the translation needs a lot of work.

The service is divided into following sections:

Computer - technical descriptions of computers. Manuals, instructions, schemes are available for download. Only the actually produced hardware will be available for order (all modifications are in Upgrade section, operating systems in System section).

Emulator - technical descriptions of emulators. Files for download and links to related pages. Also upgrades and plug-ins.

Hardware - descriptions of the ideas of hardware solutions. Especially when from one schematics a range of interfaces are build, the common description is here. Tipical example is Kempston Joystick, which has many clones and even is build-in in computers. (Also, connecting the 8255 PIO can be found here.)

Interface - extensions that can be connected without technical knowledge and abilities and usually no ingerention into the inside of hardware is needed. Here are both interfaces available currently for order and documentation for produced formely in factories.

Upgrade - extensions that require at least disassemblation of the case, sometimes soldering and cuting tracks. Most of them are connected permanently. All internal upgrades are here. Most of them could be available for order.

Part - electronical parts. Usually elements for digital and microprocessor electronics. More over memories and input/output devices. There's no plans for sell at this moment.

Card - documentation mostly for PC cards and other universal modules, that can be used with 8 bits computers. (Not available from menu at this moment, as has no items in.)

Software - descriptions of software projects. In most cases sources, executables and documentation are downloadable.

System - descriptions of operating systems, like CP/M, ZXVGS, TR-DOS, GDOS, BDOS, BSDOS, SAMDOS, TOS etc. In some cases new releases are downloadable and system EPROMs can be ordered.

Tool - software and hardware dedicated for non-8bit platforms, but useful in dealing with 8bit hardware.

Zin - disk and paper magazines. If due to large size downloading makes no sense, a CD can be ordered.

Forum - a section of quite different structure, where you can post messages related to other sections.

Profile - available after login, where you can review your settings, orders and statistics.

There are plans for next sections - programming, for hardware developers, private annoucements (buy and sell).

Every section gathers entries related to particular computers, interfaces etc. Each entry has the following structure (not every part must be present):
1. Description - is at the most top. Sometimes shorter, sometimes large. Unfortunately not all are finished.
2. Notes - remarks from users. You can add your notes - complete the descriptions, enter new links, ask a question or write an answer.
3. See also - links to other items in various sections, related to presented item.
4. Links to other pages - links to other places in Internet, related by subject.
5. Files for download.
6. Order form - will be available soon. Now all orders can be made only from http://yarek.com/basket/.
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