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The service can be used in 2 ways. There's a static version - files "index.html" (or "index-pl.html") and dynamic version - "online/".

When login is not required, you can use both versions. After login only dynamic version can be used.

The page contents in dynamic version is generated in real time in reply to each page request. Because this requires database access and including support files (e.g. with language dependent messages) the page needs more time than a ready-for-use HTML file. However all changes on the pages (new uploaded files, added notes) will appear immediately.

The static version is periodically generated from dynamic version. Usually once a day are updated changed pages, and once a week whole service is regenerated. Recently added items may not appear in left hand menu of other items until whole service is regenerated. Main pages of sections (e.g. "interface/" are generated with every change in section.

The static version, except speeding the browsing (and insensibility to errors in scripts while they are updated) has another purpose - can be stored on a data CD and guide the documentation.

Unfortunately I still don't have software to make static version of the forum and adding it to CD.

The amount of gathered data is now around 200MB. With my current Internet connection you will need at least 6 hours to download it, assuming no other activity for bandwidth. As many files are still not described, they still are not available from Internet.

If you would like to browse the data in quiet and offline, you can order the CD with current contents of service at following address:
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