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Main assumptions of privacy policy are below.

After filling the questionnaire at http://yarek.com/profile/register/ the service creates an account, related to the provided e-mail address. (Please don't fill the questionaire again, it will be not accepted when filled twice with the same e-mail address. To make changes please use the link at top of the newsletter.) Next, to the provided e-mail address is sent a message with activation link to click and paswords.

As I see not everyone receives this message. Not all e-mail accounts accept messages sent from my server or the message disappears in a flood of spam. As a result, approx. 20% of accounts are not activated. Because I don't want to send my informations to incorrect addresses, I would like the the status of them to become clear soon. Also I don't want to be to restrict and I don't delete them immediately.

All data, provided in http://8bit.yarek.pl service are under protection and are not presented to other people. The only exception is registration on the forum, where e-mail address and other data is shown to other forum users if you wish.

You can check your data, after login, on this address:

To be able to login, the acoount must be activated first and the password must be generated. If you don't remember your password, open the above link and enter e-mail address to which you got this newsletter. (This doesn't concern forum login.)

Next rules of privacy policy, concerning notifications, making and receiving orders I will try to prepare soon and place them in this topic.

If you don't agree with the privacy policy or you are not interested in using the service, you can lock your account at any time, using the lock link at top of this letter. To remove all your data from database please contact me.
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