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If you would like link to 8bit.yarek.pl, please do as follows:

1. From all the sub-pages on http://8bit.yarek.pl/ select one item that could be most interested for visitors of your web page. For example, it can be the Split board for ZX Spectrum, Timex 2068 and ZX81, located at: http://8bit.yarek.pl/interface/zx.split/.

2. Build a link like:
<A HREF="http://8bit.yarek.pl">description</A>
<A HREF="http://8bit.yarek.pl/section/item/">description</A>
where the HREF points to main page or the item page and "description" says something about the item you selected. In our example it can say "Split ZX81 bus and connect 2 or 3 interfaces". Behind the closing </A> you can write more informations, like:
Documentation, interfaces, upgrades for 8bit computers. ZX Spectrum, Sam, MSX, Amstrad, Timex, Commodore, Atari - memory extension, IDE interface. If you have idea or project make other people happy to use it!

Other example is a sentence:
Find here the best IDE interface for your 8bit hardware.
Find here <A HREF="http://8bit.yarek.pl/">the best IDE interface</A> for your 8bit hardware.

If you would like to use a banner (sorry, I don't have one at this moment), make link like:
<A HREF="http://8bit.yarek.pl/"><IMG SRC="banner.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="Find here the best IDE interface for your 8bit hardware."></A>

3. Place the link on your page. If possible on the main page.

4. Once you add the link to your page, please report your page (at least the links sub-page) into search engines:

5. In case of problems don't hestiate to contact me.
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